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Horseback Riding in Rancho La Merced

The best horseback riding tours in Costa Rica`s South Pacific.

Descripcion about Horseback Riding in Rancho La Merced

Experienced and inexperienced riders will enjoy horseback riding in Rancho La Merced.
Our horses are carefully trained for you to have a nice experience while crossing the Wildlife Refuge, in the middle of nature in the forest, the beach or the river.
You can visit Playa Hermosa, adjacent to Ballena Marine National Park, ride in the forest, and to a waterfall in the river to take a swim.
Various interests can be found here such as the environmentally sustainable cattle operation, nature, or just a pleasure of riding a horse.

Groups are kept individualized as they come.

* Tour to a waterfall through the rainforest.
* Tour to Playa Hermosa.

Come and have an unforgettable experience.

Estimated tour time: 2-3 hours.

Price: $45 per person.
Minimum 2 persons.

Children are welcomed. Saddles for children 7 and older.
For your own safety we provide security helmets.

Breakfast and / or lunch can be ordered when reserving your tour.

* Sunset Ride:
Price $50 per person
A romantic ride at sunset on the beach. Enjoy, and fall in love again!
Estimated tour time: 2 hours.
Minimum 2 persons


Tour to a waterfall or Playa Hermosa:

 8 a.m, 10 a.m and 1:30 p.m.
(dry season)

Sunset Ride:

4 pm


What to bring

Comfortable clothes, cap, repellent, sunscreen.


Tour to a waterfall or Playa Hermosa.

Price: $45 per person.

Sunset Ride:

Price $50 per person


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