Laguna Chocuaco Lodge - Ocean View in Peninsula de Osa,  South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Laguna Chocuaco Lodge - Ocean View in Peninsula de Osa, South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Laguna Chocuaco Lodge
Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

General Information about Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

 Laguna Chocuaco lodge is located in Rancho Quemado de Osa, close to Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park. The property consists of 4 hectares, but the owners also preserve 300 hectares of tropical forest in a bigger property. The lodge also offers activities such as a guided tour in the forest of the property, a boat tour in the natural Chocuaco Lagoon (which is the reason of our establishment’s name), a trekking tour to the jungle in the border of the Corcovado National Park called “Jungla Corcovado”, and a beach to beach trek (from Puerto Jimenez to Drake Bay).

Brief story

The property was bought in 1970 by the Villalobos family. At that time, forests were cut down in order to create pasture lands for feeding cattle. Years later, Carlos, one of the children, obtained a major degree in Wood Engineering and told his father not to continue cutting down trees. He encouraged his family not to cut down trees any more believing those would be worthier standing rather than sawed. His family told him he was crazy. In 1990, they realized Carlos was right. They started conserving the forests and funded their lodge. In 1999 the Eco touristic association of Corcovado was created and other families joined them preserving and running small businesses. Today, many locals depend on tourism for doing their living.



     The lodge has 5 cabins and a capacity for hosting 25 people. Facilities include: private bathrooms, restaurant (typical dishes of the area), parking lot, and trails.


Chocuaco trail: This is a guided walk through secondary and primary forest. The trail has trees signed with information about stories and valuable uses for people. Medical plants are at a specific place and their uses will be explained by the guide. Different species of birds can be observed along the trail, as well as tapirs, wild pigs, macaws, toucanets, monkies among many others. This is a 3, 5 hours.

Laguna Chocuaco boat tour: This is paddle boat tour navigating through a natural lagoon, part of the wetlands of the Osa Peninsula. During the tour you can watch and listen several species of aquatic birds. You may also like to fish in the lagoon since the wetland is home for many fish that inhabit this wetland.

Corcovado Jungle Trek (private property near Corcovado Park)

Paso de la Danta Trek (Tapir’s Path)

How to get there to Laguna Chocuaco Lodge

 How to get here?

You can travel to Rancho Quemado de Osa by boat, plane or car. It is up to you which way is more convenient. Consider traveling by boat or plane during rainy season (April to middle December) since the road can be accessible only for 4x4 vehicles.


Take the boat from Sierpe to Drake Bay. Boats depart every day at 11:00 and 16:00.


If you travel from San José, you may take a plane from Sansa Airline. Sansa’s flights depart from the international airport Juan Santa María visit their website for information about flight departures.

Rental Car

Rental cars are recommended during dry season. You can rent your car by contacting Selva Mar Tour Operator. To get to Rancho Quemado from San José. You may take the highway throughout the coast “Costanera” towards Chacarita. Once In Chacarita, turn right just after the gas station. Head towards Rincon and take the highway in your right to reach Rancho Quemado.

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Optional Activities in the South Pacific

-Sport Fishing
-Whales & Dolphins Tour
-Hoseback Riding
-Cowboy for a Day
-Isla del Caño Tour
-Waterfall Rappel
-Scuba Diving


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