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Hotel Belmar is nestled in the mountains adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica. In this Costa Rica rain forest are found more than 100 species of mammals including 5 species of cats, over 400 species of birds including 30 kinds of hummingbirds, tens of thousands of insect species (over 5000 species of moths) and 2,500 species of plants (420 kinds of orchids). The area is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife refuges in the New World Tropics.

There are 6 distinct ecological zones in this reserve. It is called a cloud forest rather than a rain forest because of it's altitude: the clouds go thru the forest. The canopy is extremely rich with birds, insects, butterfly, and thousands of plants. Great bird watching, Resplendent Quetzal is usually seen in the March-April nesting season. Bring a warm jacket, raingear (a green poncho is just fine) and footwear for trail use. Rubber boots are usually not necessary due to the well-maintained trails

Hotel Belmar offers spectacular views and personalized service in a comfortable rustic atmosphere. All, just moments away from the wilderness of an immense Costa Rica tropical rain forest, internationally known as one of the world's premiere wildlife sanctuaries.

Staying at the Hotel Belmar provides something more than just a vacation. The comfort of the hotel, combined with the beauty of the Monteverde surrounding landscape, creates a lasting impression that helps put everything in perspective.

We promise that your visit will not soon be forgotten...

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