El Toucanet Lodge - Copey, Costa Rica - ideal for birding - Quetzal, Emerald Toucanet, and others!

El Toucanet lodge is a charming rustic mountain lodge offers a peaceful retreat and cool mountain climate.

The lodge is located in the lush Copey de Dota valley within the Los Santos Forest Reserve and at the foothills of Las Vueltas Biological Reserve. Copey is less than 2 hours from San Jose City; good roads all the way to our door. (See map)

At El Toucanet Lodge we offer spectacular views and personalized service in a comfortable rustic atmosphere. The personal attention, the warm hospitality of its hosts and the lovely setting have attracted tourists from all over the world since it opened its doors in 1997.

Six comfortable rooms with private bathroom and hot water. Restaurant service exclusively for our guests , home cooked meals with a gourmet touch prepared by your hosts.

Our specialty: baked rainbow trout, fresh whole wheat bread. Vegetarian meals are always available. Relax in front the fireplace in our quaint and cozy restaurant at day's end.

The valley, the cloud forest, the variety of birds makes this area a destination similar to Monteverde, which gives you an option to enjoy all of these natural attractions, saving you driving time on good scenic roads. If you are traveling to the southern beaches and national parks El Toucanet is a great place to take a break from the long drive to and from southern Costa Rica, and enjoy the highland ecosystems.

What to do in the area?

Free guided tour every morning to hunt for the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, frequent sightings are common in the summer months.(december to july) For serious birders over 160 birds listed within hiking distance from the lodge. To mention some; Trogons, Emerald Toucanet, Long Tailed Silky Flycatcher,

Guided horseback riding tours along quiet country roads passing by unspoiled creeks and streams up to untouched cloud forest where ageless gigantic oak trees are covered with a variety of colorful bromeliads, moss and wild orchids; and breathtaking views. Rides go from 2 to 6 hours.

Guided tour. A short drive down the valley into coffee country to a real coffee mill processing the world famous Tarrazu coffee. You will visit this co-op "CoopeTarrazu" wish has been receiving and milling this special coffee since 1960. From december to march the mill is in full operation receiving and processing coffee. You will see the whole process from unloading hand picked coffee beans from rural vehicles to filling the hundred pound burlap sacks of coffee ready for export. Then on to the tasting room and of course a delicious cup of fresh Tarrazu coffee.

A paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. At an altitude of 8000 feet capture the sense of fresh air and closeness to nature and heaven. This private forest is a majestic primary forest with abundance of very tall trees, moss lichens and parasites forming a very impressive sight decorated with great variety of red bromeliads and flowers. You will also experience the enchantment of hearing the quiet and the musical notes of birds.

Paramo Las Vueltas rises to over 10,000 feet, where the vegetation is defined by the climate. Mist, fog, strong winds, drizzle and sudden temperature changes, arrest the growth of the unique flora. Along the trail you sight shrub like pants, dwarfed and twisted trees, abundant grass species, all characteristic of the paramo. However, when the sky is clear, the paramo is a hidden treasure with a profusion of flowers and hues of green and yellow.

For all of our tours we recommend; hiking boots, a light coat, a hat, and sunscreen

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Tel:(506)771-4582 Fax: (506)771-8841
Email: selvamar@racsa.co.cr

Resplendent Quetzal El Toucanet Lodge
Restaurant Room
Resplendent Quetzal Green Violet Ear
Family Cabin Copey Valley
Double Room with breakfast US$58 tax included
Single Room with breakfast US$48 tax included
Guided Horseback Riding 2 people minimun
Cloud Forest - 2 hrs US$24 / person
Cloud Forest and Paramo - 6 hrs US$48 / person
With guide and transportation 2 people minimun
Cerro Vuelta Hike US$21 / person
Coffee Tour US$21 / person
San Jose - Copey (One way) US$50
Airport - Copey (One way) US$70

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