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Sarapiqui Neotropical Center
Sarapiquis Neotropical Center
The Centro Neotrópico SarapiquiS has been designed and developed as an exclusive eco-model-project in Costa Rica. Guests can stay comfortably in the Sarapiqui's ecolodge on the edge of Tirimbina biological reserve, visiting the museum and botanical garden or exploring the 350 hectare of rainforest. Students of all ages can improve their knowledge of natural history, botany or ecology in the modern education center helped by a select staff of experienced professionals.


The architecture of the Sarapiquís project is inspired by the indigenous pre-columbian architecture of the palenques. The ecolodge consists of 4 palenque units; 1 central unit with lobby, restaurant, bar, shop and offices and 3 guest units with each 8 exclusive rooms.
All rooms have:
  covered terrace
  complete bathroom
  internet connection.

All the units are located in the lush gardens and orchards of the property and are connected with a overed walkway. Eight rooms have an outstanding view on the rainforest canopy and the Sarapiqui river.

Occupancy High Season
Dec, 1st 03 to
May 14th, 04
Low Season
May, 15st 04 to
Nov 30th, 04
Single or Double US$95.44 US$81.47
Single or Double US$104.75 US$89.62
Extra person US$25
Children (4-16) sharing room with Adults US$15
Sarapiqui River


  The restaurant features local and vegetarian cuisine
  Guarded parking
  Room service and laundry
  Local excursions


  Sarapiquí River Boat Tour
  Archeological Site Tour
  Banana Plantation Tour
  Aerial Tram, Braulio Carillo

  Tirimbina Rainforest Hike
  Visit to La Selva Biological Station
  Rafting and Canoeing
  Horseback riding

Porch of Palenque Palenques Palenque Tree frog from Tirimbina Reserve Palenque Rainforest in Tirimbina Reserve Slaty-tailed Trogon
La Tirimbina Rainforest Reserve
Species diversity is spectacular in this lowland rain forest. Nearly half of the 850 species of birds in Costa Rica are found in this area, along with five of the six species of cats in the country. Peccaries, agoutis, coatis, sloths, and howler and spider monkeys are seen frequently, as are showy birds of the trogon family, chestnut-mandibled and keel-billed toucans, collared araçaris, white crowned parrots, and hummingbirds whose iredescence shimmers in shafts of light. The wet season rains bring out deafening choruses of frogs; flashes of the tiny red and blue poison-dart frog catch the eye along trails year round. Numerous caimans, turtles, lizards, and snakes represent the reptile fauna. The number of arthropod species (insects, spiders, crustaceans) is not yet known. Research show La Tirimbina Biological Reserve is home to numerous species of ants, including the formidable bullet ant and the industrious leaf cutter.

Sarapiqui River Sarapiqui River
Sarapiqui River

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