Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica, amazing birding - home of the Snowcap



Rancho Naturalista consists of 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Only 2 of our rooms share a bath and are generally used for singles. The flower-surrounded lodge and two cottages look 22 miles across the valley to Volcanoes, Irazu and Turrialba. Our newest 2 bedroom / 2 bath cottage has a jungle view. All bathrooms have hot water showers and laundry service is available.
Balanced, nutritious meals are served family style in our dinning room, which has a view of the valley. We provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables year round.

Rates for 2003 $135 per person per night.

Rate for 2004 $145.48 per person per night.

Cost includes:
- Lodging in lodge or cottage.
- All meals with coffee, tea, milk or fruit drinks (exclusive of commercial beverages) in the Lodge.
- On excursions, packed picnic lunches.
- Maid service.
- Horseback riding on or near the ranch, advanced notice is requested.
- Also included with each full week of residency, at Rancho Naturalista, is an all day field trip to an alternative elevation habitat.


Our 125-acre ranch lies in pre-mountain rain forest in the Caribbean zone at 3000 feet. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded by guests locally.
Whether you choose to stay on the balcony, where over 200 species have been recorded, or walk our extensive trail system, our resident bird guides will make sure you get the most out of your birding vacation. And don't forget our famous hummingbird pools. There the Snowcap and Purple- crowned Fairy are regular bathers, along with many other birds.


Near our lodge, you will see several species of Morphos and a large variety of Hesperids, Nymphalidae, Pieridae and Papilionidae. Of the more than 12,000 species of Moths to be found on Costa Rica; a sizable percentage can be found around our lodge.

Day trips to Irazu Volcano, Tapanti National Park, Braulio Carillo National Park, Aerial Tram, E.A.R.T.H.
Tour of Guayabo National Monument
Tour of CATIE
Rafting on the Reventazon or Pacuare Rivers
Trip to the Cabecare Indian Reservation
Trip to Lankester Orchid Gardens
Birding in the Rio Tuis Valley ( no cost )
Shopping in the town of Turrialba ( no cost )

Lobby - Rancho Naturalista Room in main lodge in Rancho Naturalista
Cottage Birding in Rancho Naturalista - with Professional Guides
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird Violet-crowned Woodnymph
Room in Cottage Dining Room
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