Trogon Lodge - Mountain View in Cerro de la Muerte / Los Santos Valley,  Cerro de la Muerte/Los Santos Valley, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Trogon Lodge - Mountain View in Cerro de la Muerte / Los Santos Valley, Cerro de la Muerte/Los Santos Valley, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Trogon Lodge
Trogon Lodge

Trogon Lodge

Come and enjoy with Quetzals, this piece of paradise!!!

General Information about Trogon Lodge


Trogon Lodge is located in San Gerardo de Dota, near Cerro de la Muerte, one of Costa Rica's highest peak. The drive takes approximately 02 hours from San José heading southeast in the Pan-American highway. As one drives up, marvelous views appears before your eyes, carrot & potato plantations, the country side, and on a clear day, general overviews of the Cartago Province and Valley.

Bird Admidst dazzling flowers, showing amazing shades of colors and where centennial oak trees show their impressive roots sits Trogon Lodge, at an altitude of 7000 ft above sea level, surrounded by the unspoiled ecology of the area.

Quetzal The song of the Resplendet Quetzal, in it's magical fly, is a sample of the exuberant biodiversity that lives in the area. A collage of green trees and mountains. A peaceful setting enhanced by the sounds of the river in its endless travel through the rocks, lets you fell nature and see it come alive, in a place where the mist of the scenery sets the mood for those searching to get away from it all.


Trogón Lodge is a farm of 105 acres, located at an altitude of 700 ft (2200 mts) above sea level. This is the perfect hideaway for nature lovers, birdwatchers and those wanting to get away from it all.


hotel Trogon lodgeThe cozy and relaxing ambiance of the Lodge, makes you feel at home away from home. The misty and beautiful surroundings provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the views and sounds of the cloud forest, as well as discover the wonders of Costa Rica's unspoiled ecology. Mystic, tranquil, quiet, romantic… the ideal hideaway to get away from it all. Personalized service in a small charming & quaint setting is what the hotel is known for.


Beth Room The hotel features comfortable rooms all with private bathroom and hot water. Savegre RiverFor our guests comfort, all feature a heating unit specially necessary on the area's chilly nights. All feature a view of the Savegre River or the forest.


"El Quetzal” Restaurant serves all three family-style meals.
Special menus for diabetics, vegetarians or any dietary restriction may be arranged, when informed in advance.
A favorite is the fresh trout specially prepared by our chef, caught from the trout pond at the lodge. Menus for groups and incentives, served buffet style, can also be arranged.



During a stay at Trogón Lodge, visitors can also enjoy the look out point for great forest views as well as one (or all!) of our three different nature trails, where they will immerse into the cloud forest to enjoy the flora of the area, including ferns, several species of orchids, centennial oak trees, bromeliads and the opportunity of getting close to nature in this virgin area.

On the several trout ponds at the Lodge, we have trouts in different stages of growth. Once they reach a nature size, are moved to the pond in front of the Restaurant, where, as we say "If you catch it, you can eat it". Try your luck, and if you do, our chef will be more than glad to prepare it.


Visitors to Trogon Lodge and the area of San Gerardo de Dota, even those who are not avid birdwatchers, are amazed when they get to observe one Resplendent Quetzal (pronounced ket-sal') considered as one of the most gorgeous birds in the New World, that inhabits this area year round Con. With its metallic green plumage, crimson breast and belly and its incredible streamer-like feathers, watching a male Quetzal in its magical fly, is a unique, breathtaking experience.

QuetzalQuetzals can be found in the forest of Central America, from the south of México to Panama. Scientists recognize two sub-species: Pharomachrus mocinno moccino, found in the south of México, Guatemala and some regions of El Salvador & Honduras, and the Pharamochrus mocinno costarricencis, in the south of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the North of Panamá. Of all the countries where quetzals are found, the best chance to see them in the wild is probably in Costa Rica, where elevated cloud forests harbor important populations of the species.


In the past, indigenous populations of the New World admired the beauty and grandness of the Quetzal and were frequently represented next to their Gods, in sculptures. The Mayans called the Quetzal KUKUL, it was their Holy Bird. In the Aztec mythology, there was Quetzalcoatl, "The Feathered Serpent". The nobility of these indigenous groups used the bird's long streamer-like feathers for headdresses and cloaks. Chroniclers report that they did not kill the birds for the feathers instead caught them alive, had the plumes removed, and then returned them to the wild to grow new ones.



This new attraction at Trogón Lodge was built with two priorities in mind: to create a fun and learning experience that offers a high level of comfort to the participants. Located along primary and secondary Cloud Forest, the platforms are situated in the midst of the Lodge private grounds. The tree platforms offer 360º views, with independent and redundant safety systems. All cables and slings meet highest standards of quality and gear is top of the line, including both waist and chest harnesses (an innovation in Costa Rica), helmets and gloves.

After a short walk along a private trail to the first platform, located on ground level, participants receive a safety talk and are introduced into the general aspects by our guides. First cable is 47 m. long to our second platform – Giganton. Next cable is 73 m long and crosses the Savegre River, arriving to the third platform – Aguacatillo – located on the ground and an excellent spot to search for Quetzals and others. A cable of 69m leads to Garroton – the fourth platform, continuing onto Platform five, a beautiful wooden deck on the ground.


 Trogon Lodge is part of what is now a protected Forest Reserve, named Los Santos Forest Reserve. It gets its name since most of the towns belonging to the Reserve are named after a Saint (Santo or Santa in Spanish). Therefore, we can find the towns of Santa María, San Marcos, San Pablo, San Gerardo, among others. This ritual of naming towns after a Saint, was a very common one between the first settlers of the area.


The area was declared Forest Reserve in November 1975 and covers an extension of 62,000 hectares. Three different life zones blend together in this area: Premontane Rain forest, Low montane rain forest and montane rain forest. Elevation ranges from 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level in Cerro de la Muerte. At this high elevation, temperature ranges between 0 and 17C, with an annual rainfall of between 2500-3500 mm per year.


BirdThe fauna is diverse, where more than 175 different species of birds have been identified. The area, is home to Resplendent Quetzal, who lives here year round, as well as other species such as Trogons, Hummingbirds, Great Tinamou, sooty robin, woodpeckers, among many. Other animal species include as felines, tapirs, brockets and coyotes.


Rio Macho Forest Reserve protects an area of approximately 22,577 hectares where the ecosystems are primary and secondary tropical cloud Forests, dominated by trees such as wild avocados, oak, small cypress and canuela bamboo. These forests are also characterized by a high incidence of epiphytic plants. The wild avocados, cedrillos and wild blackberries found in the area are one of the main sources of food for the Resplendent Quetzal, besides the oak forest and trees contribute highly to clean the air, though the fixation and storage of carbon and liberation of oxygen.



This is also an area of rivers, where the Savegre River plays a very important role, as host of a large population of Rainbow Trouts (Salmo gairdneri) and a supply of potable water through rural aqueducts. Other important rivers in the area are the Naranjo, Division, Blanco and Brujo.

How to get there to Trogon Lodge

Located in San Gerardo de Dota, 2 hours south from San Jose.



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