Talari Mountain Lodge - Mountain View in San Isidro / Chirripo,  South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Talari Mountain Lodge - Mountain View in San Isidro / Chirripo, South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Talari Mountain Lodge
Talari Mountain Lodge

Talari Mountain Lodge

Talari Mountain Lodge is the perfect retreat for the adventure tourist, nature lover and those seeking a peaceful sanctuary.

General Information about Talari Mountain Lodge


A peaceful home for a tranquil night in the San Isidro area. A strategic starting point for the Southern Pacific exploration. A green garden with an amazing variety of trees, fruit, and birds flying around all day long. Talari Mountain Lodge is that and much more. Your hosts speak five languages and enjoy cooking for guests. It is easy to find us, It is not easy to say good bye.

The 20 acres property contains virgin forest , reforested areas, river side, orchids, and well maintained trails, all for you to have a good time.



More than 200 bird species have been recorded here at Talari Mountain Lodge.
Some notable bird watchers ( Noble S. Proctor PhD, Charlie Gómez, Jim Zook, Richard Garrigues, Pieter Westra, Kevin Easley and others ... ) have contributed to our list so far.

Talari Mountain Lodge is widely recognised among nature lovers -
"This rustic lodge in the country near San Isidro has excellent wildlife viewing
opportunities on the grounds. It is easy to observe seventy species in a morning of
birding there. An excellent place to see the Slaty Spinetail and Red-legged Honeycreeper.
Many birds come to the feeders. A good place to stay if visiting Los Cusingos."
Carrol L. Henderson in "Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica", University of Texas
Press, Austin USA, 2002.


Talari has around 2 kms of well maintained and marked trails running through the grounds. Many of the rare tree and plant species are named.


How to get there to Talari Mountain Lodge


It is easy to find Talari Mountain Lodge. From San Jose take the Panamerican Highway South (Highway 2) for 135 km. It will take approximately 3 hours to reach San Isidro. Once in San Isidro keep driving on the Panamerican Highway for 1 Km and you will find the sign "Rivas 8 Km". Turn left and after 6 km (before the community of Rivas) you will find our sign on the right side of the road.

If you are travelling by bus you will need to go to MUSOC Bus Station in San Jose Downtown. It is important to be there at least one hour in advance to get your tickets, although it is much better to buy them the day before (office hours are from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.) The ride to San Isidro takes about 3 hours and you need to keep your tickets during the trip because they check them half way to San Isidro. You need to get off the bus until the last stop in San Isidro, also it is important to know that your bigger luggage will be placed under the bus, in the storage areas, this luggage will not be available until you reach San Isidro. From San Isidro Downtown you can then take a taxi to our lodge. If you let us know in advance the time you are arriving to San Isidro we will pick you up from the bus station.


Rates at Talari Mountain Lodge

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