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Welcome to the Rainforest Aerial Tram
The Rain Forest Aerial Tram is a unique ecotourism and research facility which opened in October of 1994. Visitors from around the world ride the Tram on a fascinating excursion through the rain forest canopy and its hanging gardens of plants and animals hidden at the tops of tall tropical trees. Home to two-thirds of all rain forest species, the rain forest canopy is a little-known world of tremendous beauty and extraordinary biological diversity. Our park, (adjacent to Braulio Carillo National Park and only an hour from San Jose), possesses one of the richest canopy communities in the world. The canopy is full of both known and unknown plant and animal species. Visitors will be able to see canopy life close-up for the first time, and scientists will discover new things about the ecology of the rain forest. Due to its inaccessibility, little scientific work has been done concerning life in the tops of tropical trees. The tram, by being the best access tool in the world, has become a center for canopy exploration and research.

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